How long does Goddess Glitter last?

On average, most of your strands should last 4-6 weeks. If many are applied some may last much longer. Goddess Glitter is tied on to a single hair strand and will shed when that hair falls out.

Am I able to use my hot tools to style my hair?

Yes, you certainly can! We recommend you style as usual, being careful to not exceed 400°.

Can I apply strands to my own hair?

We recommend first learning how to tie the knot on a friends head. Why not share the sparkle?! Once you are comfortable tying the knot, you should be able to do it on yourself!

I’m going in the have my hair colored, do I need to take my strands out?

You do not need to remove them, the will not react with the hair color. Bleaching or using permanent color may cause a dullness to the strands. Direct dyes do not affect the strands.

I would love to offer Goddess Glitter at my salon, how much should I charge?

We suggest $2+ per tied strand, regardless of the length. Please contact us if you would like us to promote you as a part of the Goddess Glitter tribe of salons and stylists. We want to help connect the client to you!

I have curly hair, can I still rock Goddess Glitter?

Oh yes! Goddess Glitter is for everyone. You can either cut the strands as long as your curls and twirl the in the blend. Or you can curl strand like you would a ribbon.