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Hair Tinsel for Hustlers – The complete guide to starting a successful hair tinsel biz



So, you’re a hairstylist and you want to offer this dreamy service to your clients, but making ‘Glitterlites’ a $100/hr+ service seems impossible and tedious, and who even has time for that? You’re already swamped with the daily grind running your hair biz..

Or, maybe you’re not in the hair biz, and you’re looking to start your side hustle (if $100/hr+ is a side hustle, sign me up!) but learning all the ins and outs of creating and marketing a business seems so so daunting and time consuming?

You are NOT here by accident! The universe has brought us together to create pure MAGIC!

Your investment gets you –

  • 3 packs of Goddess Glitter
  • 1 Tool Kit
  • 1 Stylists Bracelet
  • Video tutorial
  • LIVE Goddess Glitter trainings on HOW TO install, price, photography tips etc. ALL your questions will be answered
  • LIVE business trainings – HOW TO create a successful business – Email, booking site, YELP, Google my business, Google drive, Instagram bio set up.
  • Customizable templates – business cards, client care cards, event flyers, pricing sheets, email outreach, referral program etc.

This is a one time only pilot program offer.  Spaces are limited and the cut off to purchase is 4/11/22


Out of stock