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Sparkle Like a Boss

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Two people apply Goddess Glitter to client
Stylist applies Goddess Glitter to client

So, you want more success and abundance in your hair career?  Or maybe you want to start a new side hustle, but don’t know where to begin?


And, you’ve found yourself curious, drawn to, mesmerized by hair tinsel?  … and Let me guess…

  • You’re tired of posting on IG every day, only to get a couple new clients a month
  • You struggle to stand out in a sea of hairstylists
  • You know you *should* have business cards, a referral program, google reviews etc, but you still don’t..
  • You love your clientele (and your reputation!) and you want to bring them this fun new service without it looking cheap/childish
  • You’ve tried tying tinsel, but find it hard, tedious, inconsistent. You’re ready to give up..

But what if there was another way?


Sparkle like a Boss is your complete guide to mastering the art of Glitterlites AND learn how to leverage this attention grabbing luxury service to create a successful career.


Overwhelm is normal… But it doesn’t have to be.

                       “I was first a customer and was intrigued! Enrolling in Sparkle like a Boss was exactly what I needed 
                                  to continue to grow and expand my knowledge in the wonderful world of Beauty!
                                                    If you are on the fence about taking this course….TAKE IT! 
                                       The information that Kelsea shares is extremely valuable and her passion 
                                                                     for Goddess Glitter is contagious!”
                                                                                                                               -Patricia B

 Sparkle like a Boss is everything you need to start your profitable ‘purse sized’ business


You will get:

  • 10 Packs of Goddess Glitter

  • Tool kit and Pro Bracelet

  • Certification upon completion

You will learn:

  • How to Master the art of Glitter-lites

  • How to have a confident consultation with your client

  • How to apply Goddess Glitter using our signature knotting method

  • Placement techniques

  • Services and pricing

how to leverage this luxury service to create a successful career

  • Business foundations

  • How to create or elevate your booking system 

  • Yelp and Google my business set up (Social proof is KEY in attracting clients without extra effort)

  • How to implement a referral program

  • Customizable templates for Business cards, referral cards, review sign, etc

  • So much more! 

What else will you gain by taking this certification course? 

  • You learn a new skill that makes people so happy and earns you $100+/hr
  • You have a community and company that support you and want to see you succeed
  • You are attracting new clients each month, without needing to post on social media.
  • Client retention is better because you are creating an elevated and luxury experience

How it works

You sign up for Sparkle like a Boss today and have immediate access the online certification course and the Goddess Glitter Pro community, 

We ship out your supplies the very next day

You watch, learn, and implement the lessons

You experience many many happy clients and earn $100+/hr (without ever washing another color bowl 😉 )

How much is does this cost?

Cheeky, but very real answer coming your way..

 It will cost you more to NOT take this certification course than to take it..

  • It will cost you hours of frustrating research, mistakes and procrastination
  • It will cost you endless new client opportunities 
  • It will cost you hours wasted on social media, attempting to attract “digital’ clients
  • It will cost you a supportive community and company that wants to see you succeed!

Investement –

Sparkle like a Boss is a total investment of $1,350. ($995 with your limited time discount!)

You’ll have yourself a lucrative business that feels aligned with your soul because you’re giving people a reason to have fun, be playful and to feel like a Goddess.  And bonus, all your tools and supplies will fit into a single bag.  Purse sized business for the win!

Get Started NOW

There’s no denying that $1,350 is a chunk of serious change!

If you’re new to investing in yourself/ business, here are some things to consider when sticker shock may make you want to close this page and “just figure it out for yourself” – 

  • First, I believe that you CAN figure anything out for yourself. Im a DIYer through and through.  However, the way that I have become more and more successful and have actually seen real change in my life, is by taking courses and hiring support.  This saves you so so much time, money and headaches.  Doing the actual work is hard enough. You want to have all the energy and passion for the actual creative project rather than blowing all your energy just trying to figure out where to even start.
  • Second, this investment is a business expense, hello tax write off!
  • Third, we have a PAYMENT PLAN for you.  This way you can get started today for a fraction of the investment and start making money before your next payment is even due. (payment plan offered through PAYPAL during the checkout process, no interest for 6 to 12 months)

                                                You are here for a reason.

                  I know you see what a magical business this will be for you.

                            How simple this is and how much people love it.

Are you a hairstylist who is interested in Goddess Glitter but you already feel great about your business?


Sparkle like a Pro Certification is everything you need to Master the art of Glitter-lites, without the additional business lessons!


We do offer a payment plan option for this as well so you can get started for less than $200 today!

Sparkle like a boss

Glitter-lite Certification +Business Building course
$ 995
  • 16 packs Goddess Glitter (~$2,900 in service profits)
  • Tool kit and Pro Bracelet
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Online course BOSS - Glitter-lite service + Business Building course
  • Streefree marketing strategies and templates
  • Member discounts
  • Listing in our Goddess Glitter PRO directory
$350 OFF!

Sparkle like a pro

Glitter-lite Certification
$ 555
  • 10 packs of Goddess Glitter (~$1,800 in service profits)
  • Tool kit and Pro Bracelet
  • Certificate upon completion
  • Online course PRO - Glitter-lite service
  • Member discounts
  • Listing in our Goddess Glitter PRO directory
$195 off!

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