Shine On, Goddess

Goddess Glitter strands are tiny, shimmering hair accents you can rock for one epic evening or up to 6 weeks!

30″ Strands

Brush-proof, waterproof

Heat resistant to 400°

Color resistant

Lasts up to 6 weeks

Goddess Glitter


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Buy 5 get 1 FREE!

Say hello to your inner Goddess with Glitterlites.  Goddess Glitter strands are tied onto a single hair using our signature application technique and can last many weeks! You really don’t want to miss out on literal Dream Hair

  • Strands are 30″ in length
  • Packs of 60

Goddess Glitter PRO Certification


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We’re so excited you’re here!
Ready to transform your hair career by mastering this magical service?

Goddess Glitter is the perfect addition to ANY hair service you offer. It doesn’t cost much in $ or time in the chair to achieve a stunning look that’s equal parts polished and playful!

You get…

  • Our complete tool kit plus THREE packs of GG’s 30″ shimmering hair strands
  • Beautiful leather PRO bracelet to hold all your GG tools
  • Live group video certification that will include
  • A listing in our site directory (coming spring 2021)
  • Feature on our social media to connect GG’s audience of 30k+ to your salon.
  • Exclusive Goddess Glitter PRO discounts and sales

*if you already have already purchased your tool kit, we’ll swap it for another color. Please state the two other colors you’d like in the message box in your shopping cart.

Once we have shipped your order, we will send you an email to reserve your spot in a class!


The Shrine

$555.00 $822.00

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Gold chains and glitter.. Need we say more?

GG Mega Bundles clasp onto The Shrine for easy access, ultimate organization of your Goddess Glitter, and DAMN she looks good hanging on a wall.

You’ll get –
*The Shrine – A beautiful gold chain wall display, hand crafted with love and magic
*10 or 16 GG Mega Bundles, 200+ strands in each bundle

  • 10 – Earn $4k – $10k in service revenue*
  • 16 – Earn $7k- $15k in service revenue*

We recommend our GG PRO Certification course before you invest in The Shrine. There, you’ll receive the education and tools necessary to provide this service easily and efficiently! *We train our GG PROs to charge $2+ per tied strand.

You may choose any combination of colors you like. Please indicate as such in the message box during checkout.


Starter Kit


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Start bringing the divine confidence of Goddess Glitter with the complete Installation Kit! With this toolset, you get everything you need to apply extensions with our signature application method.

  • Scissors
  • Hook
  • Guard
  • Clip
  • Travel Pouch

PLUS a pack of Goddess Glitter in your color of choice!


PRO Bracelet


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Speed and efficiency are everything when installing Goddess Glitter. This multifunctional bracelet holds all of your tools for quick access so you can create those Glittering locks in no time. Perfect for hairstylists as you can use this to also hold your shears, clips and a strong magnet for your small GG scissors and bobby-pins!



$160.00 $190.00

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Includes 10 Goddess Glitter shades. A beautiful range of naturals, pastels and vivids to create subtle shimmers and colorful highlights.

*You may request any combination of colors in the message section of your shopping cart.


Goddess Glitter Mega Bundles


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Same stunning GG but now in a bigger bundle. 200+ Strands per bundle.
Designed to pair with The Shrine wall display.



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All you need is a dream and a ponytail holder to rock the PRISM PONY. You’ll be able to wear this cosmic extension again and again; it’s easy enough to put on yourself! Bring out your inner goddess and slay the night away      *FINAL SALE*

  • Don’t use hot tools on these strands (blow dryer heat is okay!)
  • Most options are 24″ long (Moonstone and Obsidian are 28″ long)

Our Dream

Having witnessed firsthand the power of transforming your hair, GG founder Kelsea Jensen, who has been a hairstylist for ten years, wanted a product that would give her clients that same divine confidence with zero damage, zero commitment, and ALL the FEELS. GG came into existence so the adorned could emit beauty and light, creating positive energy and good vibes, radiating throughout this world.