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Sparkle Like a Boss

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Sparkle Like a Boss is the complete course you need to master this gorgeous service and launch your own successful sparkle biz

Two people apply Goddess Glitter to client
Stylist applies Goddess Glitter to client
Hi there, goddess. Does this sound familiar?

You're curious and excited. You want to create magic and change your world, one head at a time.

You’re ready to elevate your business and bring magical joy — to your clients and your SELF! You want to see beaming clients loving their Glitter-lites, all while you grow your business with ease.

You've heard that the 1,000 stylists offering Goddess Glitter make $100+ per hour and gain 15 new client per month on average.

You dream of the day when your books are full, your clients are happier and more confident than you could imagine, and you feel truly abundant.

And thanks to professional tools and education designed for hairstylists by hairstylists, applying Goddess Glitter is easy and fun.

It's time to say goodbye to the guesswork and overwhelm.

You’re ready to grow with confidence and ease thanks to proven, stress-free marketing strategies and step-by-step templates.

Whether you’re an established hairstylist or a new beauty entrepreneur, you’re in the right place. It’s time to create magic and build your successful, profitable sparkle biz.

Hi, I'm Kelsea

Kelsea Jensen founder of Goddess Glitter

I’m a hairstylist and the proud founder of Goddess Glitter. We’re a luxury hair tinsel brand, designed for pro hair artists who want to create dreamy hair and expand their business with ease.

When I first encountered hair tinsel, I loved the concept. But I was disappointed by the lack of quality products, the sloppy techniques, and the lack of basic support. I wasn’t even clear how to price this new service!

As began to develop better techniques, my clients started raving about their sparkling hair. My obsession was born. I was determined to create an elevated hair sparkle service so that people all over the world can experience the magical impact of these delicate glittering strands.

Kelsea Jensen founder of Goddess Glitter

This is the course that I wish I'd had when I was starting out.

Close up of Goddess Glitter in client's hair.
Smiling person with curly hair and Goddess Glitter
Person wearing Goddess Glitter pro bracelet with tools

Everything you need to succeed

Sparkle Like a Boss

Our signature course covers it all: techniques, marketing, building biz foundations, and successful scaling.


Pro Modules

Skip the tedious guesswork and learn the signature Goddess Glitter technique. You’ll finish confident and ready to start earning $100/hr.


Boss Modules

Grow with ease thanks to step-by-step guides. Learn everything you need with business basics, marketing strategies, and customizable templates.


Goddess Glitter Packs

Exclusive Goddess Glitter strands are less ‘chunky’ than traditional tinsel, but they’re 4x stronger and last up to 6 weeks.


Tool Kit and Bracelet

The signature toolkit and custom-designed bracelet. Developed by stylists, for stylists — so you can create those magical locks in no time.

As if that wasn’t enough…

Sparkle Like a Boss also includes these lifetime perks and bonus modules to help you thrive. Hello, success!

Just want the basics?

Laughing person with Goddess Glitter in hair.
Goddess Glitter stylist and client in salon

I get it — if you’re already an established hair stylist, you may be thinking that you don’t need the full course.

I was behind the chair for 12 years before I built a solid business foundation. My creative brain resisted systems and structure. I’d hit a tech hurdle and bail, promising to “finish it tomorrow.”

I created the special Boss Modules in Sparkle Like a Boss to replace resistance with excitement, and give you an easy and clear road map to success.

Sparkle Like a Boss turns tomorrow into today. But if you only want sparkle without strategy, Sparkle Like a PRO is the pared-down course with just the essentials.

Sparkle Like a Boss

Everything You Need
  • 11 Boss Modules (Biz Lessons)
  • 8 Pro Modules (Sparkle Certification)
  • Application Demo
  • Stress-free marketing
  • Customizable templates
  • 10 Packs of Goddess Glitter
  • Tool Kit
  • Pro Tool Bracelet
  • Lifetime membership
  • Professional business setup training
  • Lifetime access to member-only products
  • Listing in searchable directory
Best Value

Sparkle Like a Pro

Just the Basics
  • 8 Pro Modules (Sparkle Certification)
  • Application Demo
  • 5 Packs of Goddess Glitter
  • Tool Kit
  • Pro Tool Bracelet
  • Lifetime membership
  • Lifetime access to member-only products
  • Listing in searchable directory

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Stylists & Salons

We train our stylists to provide a $100+/hr service that their clients will be thrilled to pay for. Efficiency, professionalism, and strategy are huge contributors to attracting a dream clientele. 

If you want to build a profitable, successful, and fun career, Sparkle like a Pro is a proven way to invest in your success.

Yes, yes, yes! Goddess Glitter could not be a better marketing tool when you’re beginning to build your career. 

Sparkle like a Boss guides you through laying the foundation of your new business. The expert modules set you up to start and scale your business with ease.

Investing while you’re still in school means that from your very first client, you’ll be set up for success and automated referrals. Each client is a Glittering business cards helping to fill your waitlist!

Yes! We offer discounts to ensure all your stylists provide the best quality service. Please contact us for more details.

Right away! Your course will be available immediately upon purchase.

All your tools and packages will ship out in just a day or two. As soon as you have your tools, you’ll be ready to rock.

The course is a go at your own pace and will be there for you whenever you have the time. You’ll have 60 days until it expires


You do not need to be a hairstylist!  We love to help any and all beauty enthusiasts learn how to provide this service with confidence, excitement, and give you all the support you need! 

This service is in a gray area. Some states may technically require a ‘natural hair license’. This is usually just a simple online test and a small fee.  Look up *your state.gov” for cosmetology license information.

No, you do not. However, we strongly recommend that anyone who is serious about creating a successful Glitter-lite business, take our courses

Our courses were created by a hairstylist, for hairstylists and beauty entrepreneurs who want to eliminate the guesswork and endless hours of frustration using the “DIY” methods.

We provide all the knowledge and support so you feel confident and prepared to quickly catapult your career with this remarkable hair service.

Yes! You can start with Sparkle Like a PRO, then add the BOSS modules later.

Keep in mind, it’s less expensive to do the BOSS and PRO modules together by purchasing the complete Sparkle Like a Boss course.

Sparkle Like a Boss contains 4.5 hours of content, plus the time it takes to implement the lessons.

You’ll learn how to provide this service at the beginning, so you can start having fun ASAP! The  business building modules can be completed at your own pace.

Sparkle Like a PRO contains 2 hours of content, plus your practice time. You can go at your own pace and do not need to complete everything at once.

Absoutely. The courses were designed by a stylist, for stylists. Our founder, Kelsea Jensen, was a hairstylist for ten years. She understands exactly how busy it can be to start and grow a successful hairstylist business.

The courses are designed to fit your busy lifestyle. They are 100% self-paced and include unlimited replays. If you need extra time to complete the course, no problem! You have 60 days of access to all modules and resources.

The short answer: BOSS has 19 modules. PRO has 8 modules.

The longer answer: I created the special Boss Modules in Sparkle Like a Boss to replace resistance with excitement, and give you an easy and clear road map to success.

In other words, Sparkle Like a Boss turns tomorrow into today.

But if you only want sparkle without strategy, Sparkle Like a Pro is the pared-down course with just the essentials.

Here’s the thing. When you join Goddess Glitter, you join a movement.

Goddess Glitter was dreamed up by a hairstylist, who created professional quality products and created a bespoke application method that is quick,  impressively long lasting, and natural looking. 

Our founder eliminated the guesswork, elevate, and educate so you can quickly provide this service confidently and with ease.

In short, it’s lucrative for you and positively impactful for your guests. Wins all around. 

Are you Curious...

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