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Goddess Glitter – Color Collections (Bundle and Save)


Let us guide you.. We have bundled some of our favorite Goddess Glitter color combinations so you don’t have to! 


Naturals – We love how colorful Glitterlites can be, but there’s just something special about the subtle shimmer of matching Goddess Glitter strands to your hair color. Elevated with a hint of Play



Pastel Rainbow – Create the most beautiful iridescent shimmer when using this combination! (use 4-6 colors at a time for the subtle rainbow effect)



Vivids – add a POP of color and fun with these vibrant colors



Why Choose? (Best Value!)   Get all 16 colors of Goddess Glitter.  Perfect if you’re just starting out!


    • Each color is one pack of 60 Goddess Glitter strands
    • Strands are 30″ in length